WoW – Pas de monture volante avant la 6.1

Une discussion actuellement très controversée sur les forums concerne la monture volante et son utilisation dans Warlords of Draenor. Préparez-vous à ressortir les anciennes montures terrestres, les développeurs ont en effet de fortes chances de ne pas autoriser les montures volantes avant le patch 6.1.

Bashiok a expliqué cette décision sur le forum :

  • les précédentes extensions ne permettaient pas de voler durant les niveaux : Warlords of Draenor fonctionnera de la même façon
  • Blizzard aime la façon dont fonctionnent les zones de haut-niveau de l'île du Temps figé et l'île du Tonnerre où seules les montures terrestres sont utilisables. Ils pensent que le jeu au niveau 100 sera du même style et tout aussi amusant.
  • voler facilite le combat. Il est possible d'esquiver et de quitter le combat à volonté. Imaginez ce que pourraient être les donjons et les champs de bataille si le vol était autorisé. Cela modifierait totalement l'expérience de jeu.
  • Le rythme des zones extérieures est modifié par le vol. Les zones paraissent soudainement beaucoup plus petites car le voyage est rapide, les montagnes et autres paysages saisissants sont rapetissés car on peut voler au-dessus, brisant tout sens de l'exploration.
Par Bashiok Source

There's a lot of discussion about flying/not-flying and I'd like to try to sum things up and maybe realign the discussion a bit. Some of the other threads are near-cap, some have really gone down tangents, so I'm just picking this one to throw a reply into. Apologies to the other threads.

We intend to disallow flying while leveling from 90 to 100, and have flying become available again in the first major patch for Warlords of Draenor.

No flying while leveling has been the case during Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Mists of Pandaria. We allowed flying during Cataclysm because as those zones were mixed-in with the 1-60 world it just would have been really jarring to dismount you as you fly into Hyjal, etc. but we would have disallowed it for Catalcysm zones as well if there was a reasonable solution there.

Flying trivializes combat. A lot of people like to say we're trying to force world PvP, or that we just really want people to look at the pretty trees we made, but those really aren't the reasons that drive this same decision we've made every expansion. Flying allows you to escape or enter combat at-will. There's a reason why flying isn't allowed in dungeons and raids, or battlegrounds and arenas, and that's because it would trivialize the core mechanic of the game in those areas - combat. For much the same reason it trivializes how content is approached in the outdoor world based on the simple fact that you can lift off and set down wherever you like.

So that's the main reason. But sure there are a lot of other problems it can cause for content design such as zones having to get a lot bigger because flying mounts can travel so quickly (and thus making ground travel in them take much longer), it reduces the impact of elevation within zones, it completely removes the ability for us to pace or present content in any structured way, and in general removes our ability to determine how and when players approach a situation, see a vista or location, or charge into/out-of a combat situation. It just greatly reduces any gameplay we want to create by allowing infinite choice in how content is approached to best suit a player's intention to (usually) avoid that content.

I totally sympathize with people's desire to do that, they want to be efficient and have it be their choice, but we have to balance our intent to create a game against creating a sandbox where anything goes. There's a happy medium there somewhere, but flying mounts in most cases just do too much to undermine too many of our core intentions with the game world, the basis of the game: combat, or guiding players through a game experience, and for those reasons we have continually chosen (when we could) to disallow flying mounts in the 'current' outdoor content. In the past that's meant only while leveling, but in our experiences with the Isle of Thunder and Timeless Isle we feel like we can extend that for a bit longer in the new content, and have it be kind of a big deal again once you're able to earn flying in the first big content patch, and in the meantime putting focus on flight paths as well as having some more interesting travel options for players to use.


Dans Warlords, ils vont essayer de modifier l'expérience des quêtes, en s'inspirant de ce qu'ils ont fait à la 5.1 (Opération Bouclier) mêlé aux enseignements de l'île du Temps figé. L'arrivée à haut-niveau sera plus naturelle, avec une meilleure transition. En effet, jusqu'à présent, on suit une histoire et dès qu'on arrive niveau maximum, on enchaîne les quêtes répétables. Ils ne veulent plus ça et l'expérience haut-niveau ressemblera plus à ce qu'on peut avoir lors de la montée en niveau.

Enfin, ils veulent rendre le déblocage du vol épique, une récompense et non un acquis contre quelques pièces d'or. On pourra accomplir les premières étapes pour l'obtention de la monture une fois niveau 100 mais les étapes finales seront ajoutées au patch 6.1.

Par Bashiok Source

So a couple things I wanted to bring up in addition to what I posted earlier. The first was that we're of course refining our questing experience, you may have heard a bit about it from BlizzCon, and that expands to max level content as well. In Mists of Pandaria there was quite a bit of outdoor content at max level, but it was almost entirely in the form of dailies. From BlizzCon we shared we're looking to provide something quite a bit more story driven like the 5.1 Operation Shieldwall/Dominance Offensive with some of the exploration lessons we learned from the Timeless Isle, and that extends to the max level experience as well. We want the transition at max level not to be questing and story to a harsh "now you do dailies", but something that's more natural and feels a lot like the leveling experience just at max level for better reward. And so that goes back to all of the reasons I gave before about how flight interrupts some of the core mechanics we think present the best leveling and questing experience, and I thought it'd be good to point out that it'll also play a big role at max level due to our questing refinements.

The second thing is we really like when flying feels like a reward and something you've earned for each new expansion or area. It's such a powerful ability and we look back at BC (at least for epic riding) or Wrath and those were really big keystone achievements for us as players (mainly because they had some pretty huge gold costs on them...). Regardless of the unlock method though it was one of the bigger moments when you unlocked flying, took to the skies, and were able to see the world from an entirely different vantage because for most of us it wasn't easily attainable. Our plan has been to recapture some of that but make it a bit cooler, and while we don't have specifics just yet, it'll be something more involved than just paying gold; something that further emphasizes how powerful flight is. Unlocking it won't just be level 100 on the day 6.1 comes out with some gold, but something you'll be working toward over the course of the initial expansion release, and 6.1 will introduce the final steps to complete it. Think of something like a mini Legendary cloak quest. It's such a enormous power to be able to fly we really want it to be more of a key moment when you unlock it, and something that feels like an accomplishment more than just shelling out some gold like we've had in the past.

Anyway, I felt like those two things were worth spelling out.


Voilà donc ce qu'on sait pour le moment sur le sujet. Tout peut être modifié d'ici à la sortie de l'extension mais ils ont l'air d'être plutôt sûrs d'eux.

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